Tuesday, May 21, 2019
118   Mount Grace Preceptory   Hartlepool
(Raby Road) 
Second Friday February, April, September (I) and November (M) 
139  St Cuthbert's Preceptory  Darlington Third Saturday in February (I), and November Second Friday in May (M), and September
222 Finchale Preceptory Sunderland
(Burdon Road)
Second Wednesday January, March, May (M) and October (I)
233 Haliwerfolc Preceptory
Durham City

First Friday March (I), June, October and December (M)   
275 St Lawrence Preceptory
South Shields
(Ingham Street)
Third Monday January (I), March (M), May and November  
292 Wycliffe Preceptory Darlington Fourth Friday in April , June (I) and September(M) Second Friday in December (6.30pm)
316 Tees Preceptory Stockton Third Wednesday in January and October Fourth Wednesday in March and Second Wednesday in May 
339 De Umfraville Preceptory Gateshead Fourth Tuesday January (I), March (M), May and September  
479 Strathmoore Preceptory Burnopfield Second Monday January, March (I), June (M), and November  
550 Marmaduke Lumley Preceptory Chester-le-Street Second Tuesday January, March (I), June (M), and November
559 Bishop Antony Bek Shildon Fourth Thursday 6:45pm March (M), May, September and November (I)
567 Durham Preceptory of  Installed Preceptors
Durham City First and Third Fifth Thursday
589 Prince Bishops Preceptory Durham City First Friday and Third Friday September January (I), May, July and September 
622 Palatine Guards Preceptory Durham City First Thursday May (I) and September 

  Prov Priory Annual Meeting  Gateshead Fourth Saturday April  
  Prov Priory of Malta Annual Meeting  Gateshead Second Thursday July 
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